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Nov 14, 2012 1:05am PST
the building. >> let's go to john alston who is live. >> in the past few minutes all fire trucks left the scene. at the same time pg&e trucks are starting to pull up here at the scene. behind me you can see in the building still throughout san francisco city hall flashing lights from the fire alarm which are still going off more than an hour and a half after this call came in. now we have video that was shot a short time ago. you will see light smoke which filled the rotunda as well as the first floor. the fire department brought in fans for ventilation. an electrical panel in the basement blew up and exploded triggering a sprinkler system which then filled a portion of the basement of with hall with about an inch of water. at the time there was a reception going on for green build. that's a green trade show. those people were evacuated. >> we had an electrical explosion in the basement in the electrical room. pg&e just arrived. there was minimal smoke throughout the building. there was a high voltage area, so we can't get anybody inside there until we get the power cutoff. >> it was a calm sce
Nov 13, 2012 1:05am PST
to be expan expanding. pentagon confirmed late tonight that the u.s. commander in afghanistan john allen is also under investigation. good evening everyone. >> we start with that breaking news tonight. the petraeus sex scandal now involves the current top general in afghanistan. secretary of defenseley on panetta ordered the investigation of general john allen. fbi found inappropriate communication between allen and jill kelly. pentagon would not disclose what they say. now kelly is the woman who received the threatening e-mails from general david petraeus's mistress. the mistress also being investigated. fbi wants to determine whether paula broadwell is in possession of any sensitive information. investigators searched her home in florida this evening and theory moving documents and video. confiscated several bi bins of evidence. petraeus started an affair with broadwell when head of the cia. he resigned on friday. broadwell was im bedd with him in afghanistan while working on his biography. he claims any confidential information she obtained was no the from him and must have
Nov 10, 2012 1:05am PST
-snow mix. i talked to john up there, the director of the lake observatory and this is earlier. he said it was sleet too down there. pretty interesting weather there. south of monterey, big sur mountain seeing mixed precipitation as well. on the subject of that, this is a gorgeous view. it is sent by john up at the observatory. this was the scene this morning. it almost looks like a postcard. this is mount diablo. a light dusting of snow this morning and of course it all melted once out. sun came out. let's check out another picture here. hail in san leandro. some of you ran into the thunderstorms and the hail this morning was unbelievable. we did predict this. not to brag or anything. here is the picture from ski north star sent by davie ratchford, and you can see they are really enjoying the snow up there. 6 to 18 inches. this was sent to me by amilia richmond. she is a pr person for squaw valley. she said they got a foot of snow, and they will be opening in a matter of a couple weeks. thank you for all of those photos. let's check out the temperatures right now. they are falling. cam
Nov 8, 2012 1:05am PST
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Nov 12, 2012 2:00am PST
a fake field goal. really? he keeps it himself and john harbaugh rubbing it in. 15 straight wins for baltimore. the longest streak in the nfl. they tied a record losing 55-20 falling to 3 and 6. we have your feel good story on the day on the linc and the ugly side of nascar racing. it looked more like cage >>> our final pga event of the season. he spent friday night in a hospital after a panic attack. she had to to retain the pga tour car. we go to the pa are 58. third shot from charlie. it leaves it within a foot of the cup. he would birdie to take a two-stroke lead at 15 under. then he follows that up on the par 49th with another birdie. that runs a pour straight. he had eight birdies on the day. he had one slip what the heck on 18. a bogey for 369 and 16 under for the tournament winning his first pga event with a two-year tour exemption. it is like a trophy. nascar in teen nick and -- in phoenix. a little tire failure and he is now 20 points behind the leader. they are going at it all day. gordon intentionally wrecks boyer. boyer's crew went after gordon and the two sides braw
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5